Get An Architecturally-Designed Transportable Home In 10 Weeks With Guaranteed 50 Years’ Build Quality

Discover how 1,000s of Kiwis are using this little-known ‘tiny home’ secret to build luxury spaces that have a 50-year structural guarantee and equal ‘bankable’ value to traditional homes… at a third of the cost!

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Build Equity And Pay Off Your Mortgage 10 Years Faster With An Architecturally-Designed Ecopod

Do you want a luxurious granny flat to give your growing family extra space? A dream home office that lets you work in comfort and style? An investment property you can rent out to help pay off your mortgage? Then join 1,000s of Kiwis who are increasing their property value with an innovative solution that’s evolved from the ‘tiny home’ movement.

They’re called Ecopods – they’re luxurious, sustainably built, architecturally designed, and meet all council approvals. They also increase in value and help you build equity, unlike other ‘tiny homes’ on the market. Plus, they’re a third of the cost of a normal-sized home, come with a 50-year structural guarantee, and can be built in as little as 10 weeks!

Maximise The Size And Shape Of Your Section While Spending A Third On Building Costs

The size of sections in New Zealand is in steady decline. Take Auckland, for example – the median section size has gone from 731 sq m in the pre-1990s to a mere 499 sq m today. There’s never been a greater need for smaller, architecturally-designed homes that put more thought into utilising functional space.

That’s exactly what Ecopods do. They allow you to make the most of your section, regardless of its shape, size, or whether you’ve got an existing dwelling built on it. You can have the benefits of a traditional home – equity, security, and build quality – without the slow construction times or high cost per sq m. In fact, an Ecopod can cost as little as one third to build when compared to a traditional home!

Traditional Home Cost: From $500,000 Value: $1,100,000 Equity: $600,000
The Ecopod Cost: From $72,000 Value: $1,100,000 Equity: $1,028,000

Why 1,000s Of Kiwis Have Fallen In Love With Ecopods…

  • Get More Functional Space For A Smaller Budget

    Ecopods are architecturally-designed to maximise functional living space, giving you enough room to live comfortably, without excessive costs.

  • Flexible Designs That Meet Your Needs

    We can adapt any of our extensive range of popular pods to meet your exact needs, so there's no need to compromise on your dream home or granny flat.

  • Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Designs

    Through systematic design, manufacturing and materials sourcing, we deliver both economically and ecologically friendly pods that meet your needs.

  • Increase Your Property Value By $100,000s

    Ecopods are a fantastic long-term investment because they can increase your property value more than a home extension, for a lower price per sq m!

  • Secure A Deposit With Hassle-Free Financing

    We’ve formed partnerships with reputable lenders and mortgage brokers, so we can help you gain approval for financing to realise your building dreams!

  • Built Specifically For New Zealand Conditions

    Our expertly-crafted, architecturally-designed pods are storm and earthquake-proof, providing a cosy, modern home that nestles into any Kiwi habitat.

  • Stress-Free Experience From Start To Finish

    From concept design through to delivery, we manage the whole process so you get a stress-free experience as your new home comes to life.

  • Built To Last For 50 Years, Guaranteed

    Ecopods are made using premium quality materials, which is why each one is backed by a 50-year building structural guarantee.

  • Enjoy Peace Of Mind With Guaranteed Council Consent

    Escape the stress and sleepless nights worrying about council regulations! We guarantee council consent and handle the red tape so you don’t have to.

  • Only Pay When Milestones Are Met

    With the building industry going through a rough patch, we understand you may have concerns about paying upfront - we use IPromise to provide a trust account to secure your funds, and they’re only released when we meet agreed-upon milestones on your Ecopod!

Join 1,000s Of Kiwis Building The Latest And Most Sustainable Evolution Of The ‘Tiny Home’ Movement

Follow the tiny home movement on YouTube? Marvel at the way architects pack so much useable space into such a small area? The issue with most of these ‘tiny homes’ is that, because they’re transportable, they rarely meet council requirements. Plus, they don’t add value to your land or build equity over time.

Ecopods are different. They still use innovative architecture to maximise functional space, while keeping costs and building materials low. But they’re also grounded, add value to your property and meet all council requirements – guaranteed. If you want a stylish dwelling that offers functional space and luxury inclusions at an affordable price, you’ve come to the right place!

Guaranteed Council Approvals
4.8 Star Rated Sustainable Builders
Upto 10%+ Roi Per Year
250+ Ecopods concepts in action

There’s no limit to what you can do with an ecopod...

Country Homestead
Rural Tiny Home
Backyard Sleepout
Suburban Home
Coastal Bach
Papakainga Eco-village
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Traditional Home

Portable Tiny Home

Adds equity to your property

Low construction costs

Affordable luxury

Storm and earthquake-proof

Architecturally designed

Sustainable and eco-friendly

Meets council building requirements

10-week build time

50-year structural guarantee

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Choose Your Dream Design

Our extensive range of architecturally-designed pods can all be modified, so you can get the exact floor plan to suit your lifestyle and budget.


We Take Care Of Compliance

During your consultation, we’ll discuss your needs and reveal how you can get complete plans with building consent for your new Ecopod for FREE!


Gain Approval For Finance

Either talk to your bank or we can put you in touch with one of our trusted mortgage brokers to help you get approved as soon as possible.


Your Ecopod Is Built And Installed

In as little as 10 weeks your premium-quality Ecopod could be built and arrive on site to have services for water and electricity connected. All that’s left is to deck out your stylish new pod to complement your preferred setup!

Have Total Peace Of Mind Knowing You're Working With A Registered Member Of

Our Not So Tiny ‘Call Us Crazy’
Build Guarantee

We go above and beyond to ensure your build is fast and stress-free, from start to finish. That’s why we back all Ecopods with our unrivalled guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

  1. 50-Year Building Structural Guarantee

  2. Guaranteed Building Act & Code Compliance With Council Consent

  3. We’ll Beat Any Price On The Same Build Method - Guaranteed!

  4. Guaranteed Delivery Date (Or We Pay You $1,000)

We can’t make it simpler or safer for you to build your brand new Ecopod.

These Kiwis Love Their Stunning, Architecturally Designed Ecopods…

We found them very helpful and reliable, they went out of their way to assist us. They were really helpful and we were able to see the progress of it being made step by step in their warehouse. Thank you guys it was stress free dealing with you and I would recommend you to anyone.

Linda Williams 9 months ago | VERIFIED USER

EcoPod is a very good company which provide professional service for making beautiful, solid, reliable and personalize tiny houses. Their staffs are very friendly and helpful.We highlly recommend EcoPod

Ken Zhou 2 months ago | VERIFIED USER

It has been a pleasure dealing with Steve and the Ecopod's crew over the past months and if I hear of other projects I will point them in your direction - Senior Engineer responsible for Kumeu Arts Center Development

John 2 years ago | VERIFIED USER

I've just come through the first winter in my Pod which has been good. The appeal of living in a place like this, for a young person starting out, is it's hard to get onto the property ladder. Rather than paying rent the benefit of starting off small is you can put cash in the bank for a long term solution to work towards buying a place.

Jacob Cromwell 11 months ago | VERIFIED USER

Love my Pod and thank you for accommodating our tricky to access site. My only regret is that we didn't get a bigger one!

Shayna Armstrong 2 months ago | VERIFIED USER

We did a lot of research on transportable baches and couldn't beat Eco Pods for style, craftsmanship and price. We worked with Steve and co to shape a pod that was perfect for our section! It was great to sit down with the team and plan everything from the layout, aluminium joinery, to little things like the location of power points and kitchen shelving. Our L pod was delivered just in time for a big family Christmas at the beach and now we're super keen to get the second pod underway!

Matt Stellar 2 years ago | VERIFIED USER

Claim Your Free Consultation & Get Provided Complete Plans With Building Consent For Your Dream Ecopod For FREE! (Save Up To $12,000)

PLUS In : Walk away with a architectural design concept & feasibility report for your home (Worth $600, free for a limited time only)

Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll discover in your FREE consult:

  • How to build an architecturally-designed home for one third of the cost – 1,000s of Kiwis are leveraging this little-known method to build their dream tiny home and save a fortune on construction costs (without compromising build quality)

  • How to cut through council red tape with ease – discover how we’re able to build 100% compliant modular homes that are guaranteed to gain council building consent… making the process stress-free from start to finish!

  • How to ensure your new home is ‘bankable’ and builds equity for your next investment - we’ll reveal why Ecopods are perfect for homeowners who want a ‘bankable’ asset that builds equity year-on-year (unlike other tiny homes on the market that depreciate in value)

  • Plus much much more!